PES Programmes


The socio-economic conditions of the tribals and the people below poverty line in the state of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Orissa is not up to the mark. There are many reasons. Tribal habitation is one of the main points. Tribal habitations are located in isolated villages and hamlets in undulating plateau lands overlapping with forest areas, where they have limited access to critical infrastructure facilities such as roads, communication, education, health, electricity drinking water and so on. This widens the gap between  the quality of their life and the people in the rest of country.

Lorem iAs per report of Census 2011, Chhattisgarh has a literacy rate of 71.04 which is below the national average of 74.04. Total 15,598,314 people were found literate in which 8,962,121 (81.45%) were male while remaining 6,636,192 (60.59%) were females.

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In Jharkhand Census 2011, Literacy rate was found to be 67.73% in which male literacy was 78.45% and female literacy rate was found to be 56.21%.

Literacy rate of Orissa (rural) is 70.78% where male literacy rate is 80.41% and female literacy rate is 61.10%. The urbanization levels are still much lower than those in other states. The urban infrastructure and services of the state are under tremendous pressure. Education is the main focus area for overall human development because education is the one sector where any improvement will lead to benefits across other sectors of human development.

These states have high percentage of the population below the poverty line (BPL). In Chhattisgarh, almost 80% of the population lives in rural areas. The overall percentage of people in BPL bracket would be amongst the highest for the state.

In spite of many positive actions, the people at these places face insurmountable problems due to their low socio-economic conditions, poverty, unemployment, displacement, lack of opportunities, accessibility and awareness of the government programmes. The most affected sector being the children. 

Developing a Child


The basic needs of an individual are not restricted to food-cloths-shelter anymore. In today’s world, they require more. The programme undertaken by us addresses the basic needs of children as well as those who are beyond the provision of meagre, subsistence level with the aim of not only transforming lives of children but also giving them values which, make them good citizens.

      Basic needs of a child:

Food: The basic need of life is food. The children who belong to BPL family do not get proper, nutritive meals at any time of the day. Our aim is to provide them “Mid-day Meal” where complete, balanced food will be made available to the children. Our nutrition programme focuses specifically on the development of children through improvement in health and their physical growth.
“Mid day Meal” programme will not only help in their growth and development but also attract them to come to school. It will encourage poor children belonging to disadvantaged strata of society to attend school  more regularly.

Shelter: Shelter is another basic human requirement. We are focusing at ameliorating the housing problems for the people living below poverty line (BPL) in the state of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Orissa. We have programmes to make colonies for these people with proper sanitary facilities, so that they can live a neat and clean life.

Clothing: In India, the social and economic condition of the people is not uniform. Many people do not have even basic clothing. We have programmes to distribute  clothes to children so that they also develop feelings of confidence and self respect.

Health: Women need adequate nutrition and care, including h  ealth care during pregnancy, after delivery and when they breastfeed. If proper care is taken then they will give birth to a healthy child. Earlier, midwives used to work in backward and rural areas .They didn’t have proper knowledge of childbirth procedure. So they were stopped by the government. But  now government is again permitting midwives to look after the simple cases of childbirth in the rural backward areas where a doctor cannot reach. Our programmes, in this regard, will aim at ensuring the birth of a healthy baby, and post natal care of the mother and the baby both. To achieve this we aim to set up “mobile hospitals” in the far flung areas which lack medical facilities. The mobile hospitals will cater to important medicines, vaccination facilities and also regular interventions like health screening, growth monitoring, immunization and de-worming.


More and more emphasis will be on improving the quality of education, ensuring low dropout rates, eliminating gender disparity in elementary education. These require different focus in varied areas as the needs and requirements are different. This we will do this in two phases-

Primary Education: Education is a must for all. All the children should at least get primary education. The “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan” programme is set up by the government to bring elementary education to millions of children. PES is instrumental in this regard and is the part of “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan” with the government.
 Education enhances the childrens’ awareness of their surroundings, empower them with reasoning skills. We are happy to be part of it.

Supplementary Education: Childhood is the best phase of life, whatever you teach them or however you mould them, they become like that. Our objective as regards the supplementary education to children is to impart discipline, soft skills and life skills. We will run a training programme where the children will be exposed to personal discipline, personality development & behavioural traits. This will ensure that the children grow up as more confident citizens who are also well groomed to interact well with their peers, elders and strangers. We are focusing to create awareness among the women on the importance of education especially for the girl child, the importance of better hygiene and sanitation, the importance of a low cost balanced diet, the necessity of timely immunization of their children and so on. This effort of providing primary and supplementary education to children will help in building responsible citizens for the country.

How do we plan to develop a Child?

The children, belong to tribal community, below poverty line or any other underprivileged group of society, are our main focus. The children are our future. If we can provide them education, medical aids and proper food and nutrition, they will develop into better, healthy and responsible citizens.

Food, Health & Hygiene

PES is playing an important role in this direction. We organize polio camp for small children. We conduct classes to teach their mothers about health and nutrition where we tell them the importance of fruits, vegetables and nutrition present in them. The diseases caused by the lack of such nutrients, sources of vitamins, irons, proteins, importance of these nutrients in our daily diet is explained so that they can look after their children in a healthy way. The presence of these nutrients in the food products available to them will be explained so that they don’t have to go after expensive food items.
Group classes will be arranged to teach children about sanitary and personal hygiene. At this level itself, they are made aware of the importance of social hygiene i.e. keeping their house, locality ,society and country clean. A clean surrounding gives you a healthy life. By maintaining personal hygiene they can keep themselves healthy and fit. They will be educated for  oral, dental care, eye care etc. by our team of experts.
We will regularly  organize health camps where doctors will examine the patients for various ailments and then provide treatment. Free medicines will be distributed from our mobile hospitals to the patients according to the prescription. Regular immunization and vaccination programmes will be conducted for children and pregnant women. In these camps, the doctors will emphasize on preventive measures of health rather than curative methods of treatment through health talks.

Life skills & Soft skills

For children these are formative years of their lives. Whatever they see, observe and understand make an impression in their mind which remains there for life. Children are like clay, whatever shape you give, they take. If you inculcate good habits and behaviour, they grasp that and if you teach wrong things they will follow that, so one should be very careful in bringing up a child. PES has come forward to help these children in their developing stage. We conduct life skill and behavioural classes for them where they are taught the value of brotherhood, team work and self respect. We work on their attitude to give them a positive outlook of everything in life.
We prepare them to fight with the negativity of circumstances. In PES, We believe in overall development of the child. We are working for the development of girl child also. We have conducted classes to teach young girls about the changes occurring in their body and also explain the right and wrong touch of males so that they would not become victims of any malpractice.


In India, the government alone will not be able to achieve success in all its endeavors to uplift the downtrodden of the society. Considering the needs of the time and  importance of the issue ,PES organized English Proficiency  and Life Skills classes for school  going girls of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya(K.G.B.V) under Rajiv Gandhi Shiksha Mission, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan. We are planning to organize more such kind of classes for girls and boys both. We want to bring these children to the level at par with urban privileged children.
PES is fully devoted to working for the development of the child so that we can give our country a better future for tomorrow.

Developing an Individual into a Professional

The programme for developing an individual is a continuous process rather than a tailor made concept. We aim to achieve this objective by influencing the hearts and minds of the youth living in remote areas, not exposed to any ethics of life other than mundane human desires.
Our focus will be firstly on mobilizing the youth, then sensitizing them about the right to information, progress path, need of training and learning skills and finally providing training on vocational skills, soft skills and life skills.


The tribal society is largely egalitarian and tribal women have been equal partners with their men in the contribution to household economy. Our area of work is training both male and female youth. In spite of lack in infrastructure and facility, the youth in rural areas are dependent on agriculture, farming which is not helping them in developing their socio-economical status. Our aim is to reach such places, gather them at one place with the help of Sarpanch, Numberdars and make them aware of a whole new world, of opportunities waiting for them outside their surroundings. They will understand the value of leading a respectable, independent and social life that will bring them at par with the other urban people.


With the passage of time it has been realized that there is a need for holistic development of young people of our nation. The youth has immense potential to bring changes and therefore there is a need for trained youth. So our second focus will be on sensitizing every individual about the value of education, value of good life and  knowledge of their rights as a citizen of India.
Our aim is to create maximum awareness, sensitization and education by influencing them and bringing them to our training centres. It has been observed that large number of uneducated and illiterate tribal people from Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Orissa migrate to different parts of the country for their livelihood. We want to control this migration and empower them with various vocational skills so that they can earn their bread and butter at their native  place. We will sensitize them about different laws and rights  so they will not be cheated by moneylenders of their area. This sensitization will lead to the skills development through training. The youth will themselves feel the need of the training to lead a good life.


Education and skill formation are principal vehicles for improving the earning capacity. We are determined to remove the various structural gaps which constrain the young people in the backward regions, rural areas and socially marginalized communities to receive quality education. This will have an impact on the economic growth. There is a dire need to enrich the knowledge, skills to develop policy and implement CSR activities to bring about the physical changes in communities and in the attitude of people. We have training programmes which cover various CSR aspects. We have motivational and skills development programmes for youth of backward areas. The programme caters for communication skills, personality development, Interpersonal, behavioral skills and many other skills.. We will be helping them by giving classes for income generation so that they don’t adopt wrong ways of earning money. We are hopeful that by skilling the youth of these states in the several vocations, they will get an opportunity to not only better their lives but also affect the overall growth and socio-economic condition of the state. Our programmes will equip poor rural youth with the skills and opportunities to secure jobs in India’s mainstream economy.
We are concentrating on overall development of an individual and change him into a professional.. Therefore we will be giving training on:
⦁ Vocational Skills
⦁ Soft Skills
⦁ Life Skills

Placement (Employment Opportunity)

PES is not satisfied merely at providing trainings in vocational skills, soft skills and life skills. We are equally committed to the trained people finding suitable jobs that not only  our training objectives are fulfilled but also the trained person is occupied constructively, earning and fulfilling his/her basic requirements. We aim at providing job assistance to the trainees. For this, we have tied up with the government sector and we train people at two levels. First we have people who have had very basic education. We train them in skills like masonry, carpentry etc so that they find employment and earn a respectable living. Second, we have people who have had an education but lack confidence or speaking/writing skills and so they cannot find a suitable job or growth in their career. For them we have trainings like
G.D. (Group Discussion)
Business Communication
Interview Skills
Voice & Accent trainings
Presentation skills
Armed with the above mentioned skills, the response for our trainees has been amazing. They have found suitable jobs and are doing well. 


PES is working tirelessly and continuously towards the development of an individual. Developing individuals means educating them, making them self confident, and independent so that they can become financially independent. They can earn money through proper legal ways and feel proud of it. PES is not only working towards making them employable but also trying to educate them on life skills.

Mobilizing & Sensitizing

Our target group will be the youth between the ages 18-30 belonging to families living below the poverty line. They will be skilled and trained in a vocation which will increase their employability quotient. To reach out to these youth, we will co-ordinate with community elders, Sarpanch, and influential members of society to mobilize candidates from their villages. We aim to change the lives of country’s rural poor by mobilizing them particularly the women, into institutions of their own where they will be able to learn in a free environment. Counseling of family members will be done for the same. They will be told about different vocational courses in details so that they can choose the course of their choice and potential. Sensitization about the benefits of doing these vocational courses will be elaborated in a gathering of people, their apprehensions and doubts will be cleared. The advantages of good & respectful life will be communicated and they will be helped by our counselors to take right decisions in the direction of their growth & development.


PES is working tirelessly and continuously towards the development of an individual. Developing individuals means educating them, making them self confident, and independent so that they can become financially independent. They can earn money through proper legal ways and feel proud of it. PES is not only working towards making them employable but also trying to educate them on life skills.

Vocational courses

For youth who are not educated or have only primary education, PES is conducting vocational courses where they can learn the skills and then can use them to earn their liv ing. They will learn the work of plumber, electrician, welder and mason. PES will support the rural poor in building their skills and capabilities for self employment, enabling them to become self independent.

For women also, we are running many vocational courses so that they can also support the family and become self independent. These centres include beautician, stitching etc.

These courses are especially for the people who have no or primary education. By undergoing vocational training they become confident in life because they start earning money and this is what is PES’s aim-to make every individual self independent.

For people who are educated but unemployed, we will conduct computer classes. Computer is the necessity in today’s world. Everywhere whether it is government or private, the work is done on computers .With the use of internet you get connected to the world. So it is very important to know how to work on computers. By giving computer training to youth from underprivileged group, we will equip them with employment skills. So after doing this course wherever they go the possibility of getting job increases. The girls will become independent and confident because they can also earn money and support their family.

PES, is continuously working towards women empowerment.

Communication Training

The knowledge of English language is very important in India. Most of the organizations  conduct  interviews in English. Without English, it is difficult to get good jobs. PES runs communication and spoken0 English classes for the youth from underprivileged groups. We will help them in learning English language through our spoken English classes. We will also give them tips on interview skills so that they can clear the job interviews confidently. 

Grooming & Personal Hygiene

For developing an individual grooming is very important. These are the areas which people generally ignore or do not pay attention. PES, through its classes on grooming will explain the importance of personal hygiene and grooming, which will help them in learning the right way of interaction in society gatherings. This motivates them a lot and will boost their self confidence. PES is determined in bringing them at the same level with urban youth.

Life Skills training

To make the youth analyze what is right behavior and what are wrong deeds, PES conducts life skills classes as well. Here we give opportunity to every individual to explore their own personality and find out the areas where they need a change, to become useful to mankind. These life skills training involve positive attitude, interpersonal relations, team building, multitasking, behavioral skills etc.

PES believes in overall development of every individual. It can be achieved by developing their both inner and outer traits. For outer traits we give training for grooming and personal hygiene and for developing inner traits we give life skills trainings.

Community welfare

To develop the community we organize health camps where doctor checks senior citizens and prescribe treatment. Eye camps are organized for aged people.
To motivate youth to donate blood for social cause, we have organized blood donation camps, where everyone donates blood.
This way PES aims to work for the people to make them independent and financially sound by increasing employment skills and make them socially responsible citizen. When every child, every youth of the group of underprivileged, tribal or below poverty line develops into a good, morally upright person, our motto is achieved and this becomes our achievement.

Training Professionals

PES approach towards development is very clear. We believe in “change” which comes with continuous practice. To achieve our aim in this direction, we have conducted “Train the Trainer – T3” programmes, where we teach all the teachers who are from villages, small cities or undeveloped towns. We regard the teachers as “Builders of the Nation”. They are the persons who interact with children on daily basis. They are the ones who can influence the young minds. So we conduct classes to teach the trainers. In these classes, we teach them the easy way to teach English language, we give the right methodology of teaching communication skills & spoken English. The good values are the seeds of goodness which we have to sow in young minds to make their tomorrow better. We discuss and clear the doubts of teachers. We discuss case studies and find solutions.
The teachers of these areas are knowledgeable but they lack modern methods of teaching. They are focused only on curriculum based teaching. PES training gives them opportunity to explore different ways to reach each and every child. Our aim is to change their perspective of teaching children. They would understand that they are there not only to teach different subjects but also to inculcate good moral values so that the children would become responsible adult in life.

Execution Plan

We look forward to generous monetary contributions and financial aid Government bodies , private organizations & from  individuals who share our views to strengthen our hand in the execution of our programmes. Charitable bodies and trusts from foreign nations are also welcome to contribute generously towards achieving our goals.
We would also feel gratified to receive help in kind.
Shelter: We wish to empower those citizens who have had no access to infrastructure facilities. For this we need to have locations & spaces where we can hold our classes, vocational trainings and health camps.
We are looking for help both at the state and district level.

⦁ We request the lease of those buildings which are not in use.
⦁ We look up to the administration to provide us with plots so that we can change the barren piece of land into classrooms and clinics, breathing and vibrating with hope and life.
⦁ We also wish to make colonies for the people with proper sanitation facilities.

Food: It would be very encouraging if we receive help in the form of food grains by the government. This we can distribute among the people in need teaching them the nutritional value of food and encouraging them to go for a balanced and healthy diet.

We are also looking forward to the “extra” food in our surroundings. People or establishments (Canteens, hotels, restaurants) who end up with extra food can contact us. We can pick food (both cooked and uncooked) from them and pass it on to the needy segment of the society.

Miscellaneous: Any help in the form of books, notebooks, stationery items, medicines, proteins and vitamins supplements, cloths and toys would be very welcome. We are committed to contributing to the improvement in the health scenario in the state and any help in this direction would both encourage and increase the pace of our work among the people. We appeal to the people (professionals as well as organizations) to help us with the above mentioned articles and participate in community development.